At about 8 kilometers, on a hill located to the left of the river Era, stands Lajatico.
Lajatico has become an international tourist destination in recent years.
It is in fact the birthplace of the famous singer Andrea Bocelli. Every year in July, in the evocative setting of the Teatro del Silenzio, an important concert takes place .
The center of the village is small but well cared for, certainly worth visiting.

Near Lajatico is the imposing Rocca di Pietracassia. Built in the Lombard period, it was designed to control the road to the Montecatini copper mines. It is considered one of the most important examples of early medieval architecture in Tuscany. Visit it is a good occasion to trek in this beautiful landscape.
After Lajatico you could visit the very small medieval village of Orciatico.

The origin of the Castle of Orciatico dates back to the times of Longobardi domination.
Orciatico with Montecatini Val di Cecina, Agnano Castle, the fortress of Pietracassia, and Chianni formed at that time a strong fortification system to protect the copper road, used already at Etruscan age.