The farm

The farm I Moricci was already in the nineteenth century, one of the small farms of the Fabbrica Farm, owned by the noble family of Pisa Rosselmini-Ricciardi. At the time the Fabbrica Farm included as many as 11 small farms, a furnace, the business center, the farm, at the town center where the cellars, the olive-press mill, the silos for grain storage, the jar in which was the oil stored were. Two farmers' families were living in I Moricci and cultivated its land. In the maps of the Leopoldine archive dated 1822 one can see how the big olive grove, different vineyards, arable and woodland already stood on these lands.

After the ups and downs of the course of the last century that saw the Rosselli Del Turco family, heir of Rosselmini Ricciardi, gradually lose much of its property, in 1998 it was decided to give new life to this small farm by converting these lands to organic farming and starting, first of all on oil, a virtuous cycle aimed at producing a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Today the farm consists of 30 hectares. There is a Mediterranean forest in the 13 hectares through which the river Era can be reached, at the bottom of the valley. 4 hectares are planted with olive trees. Besides the typical Tuscan cultivars, Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino there are many ancient minor varieties plants. The vineyard that has an area of ​​one hectare, Sangiovese with a small percentage of Colorino, was renewed in 2011. On arable lands, grains, alfalfa and legumes alternate. A small orchard will shortly start production.

Maria Angela is directly involved in most of the processes.

The company is located in a Restocking and trapping area where hunting is allowed only aimed at controlling game. Therefore, animals live relatively peacefully and you can see deers, hares, pheasants, wild boars, porcupines and even buzzards, marine thrushes, owls and many more, during your walks.