The organic agritourism

"Pace dicono al cuor le tue colline con le nebbie sfumanti 
ed il verde piano ridente ne le piogge mattutine."

Giosuè  Carducci


The organic agritourism I Moricci offers hospitality in the Leopoldine style cottage of 1846, which is the heart of the farm. 

The building, built on the crest of a hill, overlooking the valley of the river Era, a few kilometers from the hamlet of Fabbrica, ancient fortress of Pisa, still preserves its great charm and conveys a feeling of peace and "wisdom" through its solidity. In the renovation and "construction", over the years, of the garden, we tried exactly to maintain and enhance this atmosphere. We want our guests to be able to really take a break from the bustle of everyday life, slow down, relax, enjoy the greenery, the scents of nature.. Our position, however, is also perfect for those who want to experience the history and traditions of Tuscany. Central to all major cities of art and culture of the region, surrounded by villages that still retain their beauty and authenticity, and by many small companies that produce traditional products with passion.

About us

Maria Angela e Moka

"I started to take care of the family business almost twenty years ago, when I fell in love with this house. I changed life with unconsciousness and found again a reality that city life too often forces us to forget. I have learned and continue learning from nature and about nature, sometimes with difficulty sometimes with renewed surprise. I have developed a passion especially for oil production and have become an official oil taster. I love talking about this product and illustrating its characteristics, I produce it conscientiously and with passion. A dog, Moka, that acts as a bell when someone arrives keeps me company… She is very loving and curious. We also have two cats: Romeo and Gatto (called Ugo.. or Asdrubale). I like to make my guests feel at home. Help them learn about these areas and these traditions.. If they want to.. "accompany" them on their holiday. "


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