The Terroir

This land is a land devoted to wine production. Old maps and chats with elders who grew up here tell us that in the past there were several vineyards on these lands.

Someone tells us that near the woods there was a vineyard that produced excellent Colombana, a table grape typical of this area, which was used to make vinsanto or simply preserved to be eaten for the Christmas holidays.

What is striking, however, is the composition of the soil made of yellow, loose sands, rich in an infinity of marine fossils that remind us that there was a sea over these hills millions of years ago.

This memory, made of salt and limestone this land brings it with it and offers it to us in the peculiar characteristics of our wine that presents itself with an elegance and finesse unusual in the Sangiovese we know best, that of the inland hills of Tuscany.

The Vine

We currently have one hectare of vineyard in production, all Sangiovese, a choice made because of our passion for this grape variety so representative of Tuscany. The prospect is an expansion of the vineyard area with the renewal of the old vineyard to an area of just under 3 hectares.

The desire is to not lose the pleasure and fun ( recently discovered) of making wine and to experiment with various and new techniques.

The vineyard is cultivated following the EC regulation of organic farming, as is everything else on the farm, but we do not yet have winery certification.

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