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Tuscany is a magical place. Breathtaking scenery, spectacular wines and delicious local dishes.

But Tuscany also offers a host of other experiences that will leave beautiful memories of your trip.

Discover all the experiences we can offer you, right here at I Moricci and others with the support of partner companies. All you have to do is choose and talk to us, and we will arrange everything.

Wine tastings

Tasting of the 3 wines produced for us, paired by local products.

Olive Oil Tastings and Olive Oil Courses

Tastings and Tasting Courses. Recognition of the extra virgin olive oil produced on the farm, guided by the professional taster, Maria Angela Macchia.

Cooking Classes

Short courses of typical Tuscan and Italian recipes, using local and seasonal products. You learn and you taste, always paired with good Tuscan wines.

Wine harvest

We can still arrange the monitoring of the grape harvest and the entry of the wine into the cellar, again between the months of August and September. But for this you need to know that each year these dates change, in consideration of global warming, so please contact us and be prepared for any changes in your schedule.

Olives harvesting

We can also arrange to accompany you to the olive harvest, a job we do for most of October.

The Hedgehog Path

The Hedgehog Walk is a walk of about two kilometers that runs within our farm, crossing fields, skirting the Era River, and going up through the forest.

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